Best cafes for coworking in Buenos Aires

September 25, 2023

As a remote worker, you have to make a tough decision every morning:

Do you stay in your pajamas and fuzzy socks and work from home? Or do you brush your hair, don a presentable T-shirt, and tackle the day’s tasks from a nearby cafe?

There is only one right answer when you live in Buenos Aires.

Pack your bag, friend, you’re going out! This city is a mecca of trendy cafes with fast WiFi, delicious coffee, and chocolate-filled medialunas (I know, order two).

Here are some of my favorite cafes for coworking, organized by neighborhood.



BLANCA Deco & Cafe
Sinclair 3136

This chic, airy, and spacious cafe has plenty of tables for working. Bring extra pesos; they also sell home products from candles to air diffusers.

Malabia 1578

Plants, meet coffee. Get your work done from this green oasis in the middle of the city with a tempting selection of vegan, gluten-free, and organic pastries.

Cofi Jaus
Humboldt 1793

From coffee to martinis, this cozy cafe stays open long enough for you to transition into your post-work headspace. The vibe is retro and warm, with furniture made from environmentally friendly materials.

Rambla Cafe
San Benito de Palermo 1700

Quirky and bright, Rambla Cafe is designed like your fun aunt’s living room. Try the specialty house coffee, inspired by a Spanish drink with meringue milk from egg white, lemon, and cinnamon.

Stracqua Cafe
José A. Cabrera 5939

Checkered floors and distressed brick walls help this cafe fit seamlessly in the trendy Palermo neighborhood. The vibe is casual and relaxed — perfect for kicking back for a few hours of work.

Báez 260

With inspiration from Southeast Asia, this eclectic cafe centers both art and coffee — with ceramics, photography, and old travel books throughout.

Arena Cafe
Costa Rica 5954

If the weather allows, head straight to the back patio with a selection of different tables under the sun. If not, you’ll find plenty of space inside, along with an irresistible selection of cakes.

Oli Cafe
Costa Rica 6020

Both a cafe and bakery, Oli is a great choice when you’re craving a proper lunch. With its large windows, natural light, and playful design, you might even decide to stay through the end of your workday.

Nela Cafe & Arte
El Salvador 5847

This concept store is a triple threat: cafe, fashion, and art. You’ll find black-and-white illustrations of mountains on the walls with their graphic tee counterparts for sale below. (And of course, plenty of space for working.)

Villa Crespo/ Chacarita

Malabia 691

A haven for plant lovers, this cafe will leave you feeling refreshed and at peace — even after a stressful workday. Vecindario means “neighborhood,” a reflection of the local, comfortable, and casual energy inside.

Gurruchaga 1195

A cafe named after an essay by Thoreau is made to be a coworking space. With its New York Style ambiance, bookshelves, and curated playlists, Walden feels both sophisticated and cozy.

Hobby Cafe
Guevara 91

Ceramic plates, benches made from tree trunks, and communal wooden tables are just a few of the quirks you’ll find in this thoughtfully crafted cafe. And yes, the latte art also lives up to the same standards.

Estudio Te Cafe
Thames 937

Come for the coffee, stay for the after-office. Open from morning to evening, Estudio Te Cafe serves as an architecture studio, furniture manufacturer, cafe, and bar all in one.

La Noire Cafe
Bonpland 1173

Equal parts adorable and vintage, La Noire feels like a Sunday afternoon in Paris. From the croissants and pains au chocolat to the upholstered armchairs and large French doors, this cafe provides a warm backdrop for those virtual meetings.

DOC Cafe
Aráoz 645

Located on a quiet block surrounded by homes, DOC Cafe feels like a quiet retreat in the city — with delicious specialty coffee. The space is open, large, and colorful with plenty of tables for coworking.

Jungla Plantas y Cafe
Guevara, Concepción Arenal 202 Esquina

If the name doesn’t give it away, the entrance will. Jungla is both a plant shop and cafe, filled with various fauna from floor to ceiling. Don’t skip the pastries; they’re worth every bite.



Togni’s Cafe
Blanco Encalada 1675

Hands down some of the best pastries you’ll find in the city are baked here at Togni’s. Just don’t forget to get some work done between the bites of cake and cinnamon roll.

Amenábar 3361

If you like your avocado toast just as photogenic as it is delicious, Rita is your place. Spacious, bright, and full of tables, it’s also ideal for working.

Echeverría 1550

Enjoy breakfast all day in this homey cafe that stretches from indoor booths to sidewalk tables. The owner is half-Cuban and grew up in New York, so he brings an international twist to the menu.

Jaramillo Cafe
11 de Septiembre de 1888 3700

With its blue facade, Jaramillo is hard to miss. This neighborhood spot serves up delicious specialty coffee inside a cute corner location. It’s slim pickings for the bar seats, so try to get there early.

Ruiz Huidobro 2315

Bring your backpack, laptop, and your dog. Yup, this cafe is pet-friendly. Plus, you’ll find a great selection of organic coffee, fresh baked pastries, and vegan sweets.

Zuka Cafe de Especialidad
Grecia 3437

Another pet-friendly choice, Zuka feels both retro and warm with ceramic plates designed specifically for the place, hanging plants, and wood finishings.

Av. Juramento 1284

Unlike its buzzing Palermo counterpart, the Nuñez Cuervo location is calm and spacious — ideal for working. Head to the large patio out back.



The Shelter Coffee
Arroyo 940

With a distinctly British feel, The Shelter automatically transports you into another era when you walk in the door. It’s dimly lit, moody, and full of leather armchairs. Plus, it’s placed on what is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful streets in the city.

Le Moulin de la Fleur
Vicente López 1699

This small patisserie in Recoleta has an air of French romance. It’s relaxed, warm, and full of French pastries — from éclairs to macarons and baguettes.

Le Pain Quotidien
Posadas 1402

I’m hesitant to recommend a chain establishment, but there’s something about this Recoleta location that maintains a charming ambiance. Grab a seat by the window and watch the refined neighborhood locals stroll by with their small dogs and fur coats.

Bicho Cafe de Especialidad
Agüero 2039

Bicho is simple and minimalist, bringing attention instead to its specialty coffee and selection of baked goods. You’ll find vegan and gluten-free options on the menu.

Sid Cafe
Juncal 2823

Whether it’s the adorable ghost logo or the pastry window that draws you in, you can consider Sid your new neighborhood stomping ground. It’s quaint, with just a couple of tables and bar seats, so get in early.

Cafe Gutierrez
Juan María Gutiérrez 2637

This cafe masters the edgy, bold, city vibe with its distressed brick walls and concrete floors. You can also admire the wall of wine bottles in the back — and order yourself a glass when 6 p.m. hits.

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