8 ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires

December 13, 2023

Find yourself in Buenos Aires, Argentina on New Year’s Eve this year? 

In a city that runs on mate, passion, and red wine, you won’t be surprised to learn that this celebration is a night to remember. However, you might be surprised to hear that planning ahead is important (so un-Argentine, I know). Many parties and events require reservations, and they can sell out. 

So, in the spirit of securing your spot at the best celebration, let’s review 8 ways to spend your evening in Buenos Aires this New Year’s Eve.


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What to expect

In Buenos Aires, it’s common for people to spend New Year’s Eve with their friends. However, don’t expect a big ball to drop next to the Obelisco at midnight. While porteños like to party, the festivities around New Year’s Eve itself are much more casual. Think an asado (barbeque) at a friend’s house or a night out at the club. 

Before you change your flight home to December 30th, note that casual doesn’t mean less fun. In fact, porteños like to dance until the sun rises on January 1st. 

Also, don’t forget that New Year’s Eve falls in the summer in Argentina — and it tends to be hot. You’ll want to wear light, breathable clothing. Many women here tend to wear short dresses and skirts, and you’ll find plenty of white. As for men, jeans and a nice button-down is common. 

Buenos Aires is a massive cosmopolitan city with a slew of nightlife options, so there’s something for everyone. Below, you’ll find some of the ways you can spend New Year’s Eve, from clubs to fancy dinners to rooftop bars and more. 


Girl holding wine bottle on patio in Palermo, Buenos Aires


8 plans for New Year’s Eve

1. Piso 15 Skybar

Ring in the new year with one of the best views in the city at the Piso 15 Skybar. Your ticket includes a 5-course dinner, a live show, and a DJ set. Psst.. the fireworks show at midnight with panoramic views of the city will not disappoint. 


2. Niceto Club

Every Saturday, Club 69 comes to the Niceto Club in Palermo — but on Sunday the 31st, they’re breaking the status quo and taking over the club for another night. Club 69 is a safe space for everyone to watch and enjoy an extravagant show, music, dancing, and drinks. It’s LGBTQIA+ friendly. 


3. The Bow Club

Dance until the sunrises at The Bow Club, located alongside some of Buenos Aires’ most exclusive clubs along the river — known as Costanera Norte. The evening will feature the Israeli DJ Guy Mantzur, owner of Plattenbank, and the local Temple Gate. 


4. Madero Tango

Every year, Madero Tango turns into a fancy gala to host a New Year’s Eve party called “Fiesta de Blanco.” Expect a multi-course dinner followed by breakfast as the sun rises. In between, you’ll catch a tango and folklore show plus enjoy a full DJ set. Your ticket includes unlimited champagne, multiple performances, a fireworks show, and more. 


5. Brasas Argentinas

If you’re after a full stomach on New Year’s Eve, look no further than Brasas Argentinas’ unlimited buffet. Your ticket includes food, alcohol, a live show, fireworks, a champagne toast, costumes, and more. Plus, you’ll be in the heart of Puerto Madero, one of Buenos Aires’ most modern neighborhoods that historically hosts an impressive fireworks show at midnight.  


6. Crizia Restaurant Bar & Grill

This modern restaurant in the heart of Palermo Hollywood is hosting a high-end New Year’s Eve dinner. The menu, titled “The Sea and the Land,” includes multiple seafood and meat dishes complemented by local vegetable dishes. Vegetarian and celiac options are available. 


7. Crystal Skybar

One of the most high-end, exclusive bars in Buenos Aires, Crystal Skybar boasts panoramic views of Puerto Madero — the perfect backdrop for a New Year’s Eve firework show. On the 31st, they’ll be opening their doors at 11 p.m. to host a champagne toast. You’ll also find a dessert table, DJ set, and open bar with wines from Bodega Catena Zapata. 


8. Bayside Club

If you like cachengue, this is your place. Bayside Club is always a good time, and this New Year’s Eve will be no exception. It’s located along Costanera Norte in front of the river, the perfect place to watch the sunrise on the 1st.


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