Best cafes for coworking in Buenos Aires

As a remote worker, you have to make a tough decision every morning: Do you stay in your pajamas and fuzzy socks and work from home? Or do you brush your hair, don a presentable T-shirt, and tackle the day’s tasks from a nearby cafe? There is only one right answer when you live in […]

Where to find the best platitos in Buenos Aires

Right about now, you’re probably thinking: Sarah, what in the world is a platito? Let me explain in the form of a short anecdote. My Argentine partner is an all-day, everyday meat guy. Milanesas for lunch, tostado de jamon y queso for merienda, and asado for dinner kind-of-vibes. You could place him in a parrilla […]

3 tourist sites worth seeing in Buenos Aires

If you’re anything like me, the best trips are the ones where you set aside the travel guide and explore like a local. No plans, no commitments — just off-the-beaten-track adventuring. I still stand behind this philosophy when it comes to visiting Buenos Aires… most of the time. While some of my best memories have […]