Sarah’s Top Argentine Music: Spotify Playlist

October 8, 2023

When I moved to Argentina, I was immediately captivated by the local music. 

At the heart of Argentina’s musical identity lies its legendary rock scene. Emerging in the late ’60s and ’70s, Argentine rock became a powerful voice of rebellion and self-expression during a turbulent period in the nation’s history. 

Bands like Soda Stereo, Charly García, and the Redonditos de Ricota dominated the scene, creating timeless classics that continue to resonate today. From the catchy riffs of “De Música Ligera” to the gritty intensity of “Preso en mi Ciudad,” Argentine rock is a genre you’ll hear nationwide once you’re here.

But Argentina’s musical spectrum is not confined to the long-standing rock scene. 

More recently, I’ve found myself hooked by the new age of pop-rock and indie-pop music. Bands like Conociendo Rusia, Bandalos Chinos, and Usted Señalemelo are producing music so catchy I could listen to the same song on repeat for a week straight. From banjo-driven indie folk songs to upbeat saxophone solos, you’re in for a treat. 

If you’re considering moving to Argentina as a digital nomad (or potentially you’re already here!), there are some must-know songs you need to add to your playlist now. Even better if you can memorize the lyrics before touching down in Buenos Aires! You’ll have hundreds of instant friends when you start reciting Gustavo Cerati’s classics by heart. 

So grab your headphones, dim the lights, lie back, and enjoy this compilation of my favorite Argentine songs:

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